Why It Is Not Wise To Date Your Boss

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There may be a time in your life that you will be attracted to your boss because he/she is smart, independent, beautiful and ambitious. However, you should think twice before diving into a dating relationship with him/her. Dating your boss will only complicate things and cause more problems than you will ever anticipate.

Dating your boss will make you all too familiar with them and may allow you to take advantage of their position. This may not act in your favor. Having a boss that will favor you during work hours and who will allow you to slack off will only breed contempt in your other co-workers. With your boss tolerating you when you make mistakes and who may call you in during office hours just to spend time with you, you will find that it will not help your career or your work ethic.

Dating your boss will cause stress in the workers around you. If they ever have a complaint about you, they may find it difficult to call your attention to it or even call your boss?s attention to it because they know you have a dating relationship with her. Stress in the office will only cause other workers to be more suspicious of you and your boss in term of work related activities.

If you date your boss and you eventually break up, this will not be an advantage to you at all. Because of the tension that you have created in the break up, your boss (if he/she is not professional) may find every way to make your life more difficult. They will give you work that you will probably not enjoy doing, and they will be less tolerant of your mistakes when they happen.

Overall, it is never a good idea to date your boss. The information mentioned has been an all too familiar scenario for many an employee. Even though one may say that they can keep things professional, one cannot deny the power of emotions and love that may take over a person?s being, which will cloud their judgment and make them act less professionally than what was expected of them.

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Why It Is Not Wise To Date Your Boss

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This article was published on 2010/12/08
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