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Sad stories abound about workers being treated as machines, as if their productivity is topmost importance than their feelings. Yes, it is a given fact that workers must deliver. But if such is at the expense of bruised ego, etc. what is the use of top performance if within, one is feeling used, abused and so on? Only a worker can tell if such a thing happened or is happening right in the office or what.

We can not deny the fact that we work because we want to earn a living, right? But of course, while earning a living we should also experience joy in the job. We are not slaves--in this age, is there such a thing? Anyways, let us strip down a boss abuses to workers.

1. Demands unrealistic

Who wants to finish work till late in the evening when you are only expected to render 9-5 hour job? Well, overtime pay must be applied here. But, what if there is no such a thing? Or, to report on weekends? holidays? Etc?

2. Fuss over minute things

Yes, making fuss over unattended works due to multiple tasks assigned, say, you were typing a report while photocopying another, plus he keeps on lecturing you about a meeting by 10am...well, multi-tasking is a talent, but with this kind of a boss, who would stay talented as if a superwoman!

3. Bucks stop not here

Always passing the blame to her assistant instead of taking it as his own. Once you have authority over your workers, you are also responsible for all their faults. Command responsibility is the name of the game. Now, if the boss is ignorant about this and keeps on defending himself as Judas -- remember, the washing of hands?-- well, what better way to deal with him is: leave him alone and free yourself from his curses. Yes, he should not be your boss in the first place. For, he is not capable of leading people, but of mismanaging people.

4. No good worker

Sees only your mistakes and blind of your accomplishments. This kind of boss is really toxic. You really need strong affirmations that you are not he says you are... you are what you are capable of doing... sans this problematic kind of boss!

Yes, incompetence has so many names. Just look around and you will see bosses that should not be there in their positions showing incompetence through making hard the lives of his workers. Give us a break please.

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The author is a mentor of teachers in elementary grades in the Philippines. Aside from being a grade school teacher, he is also contributing articles to magazines just to make good use of his spare time. He has joined writing contest in the past, but until now, he is dreaming of bagging an award! This is why, he is now trying his luck in this endeavor--blogging-- to find his niche and somewhere, somehow find a way of publishing a book.

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Wanted - Democratic Boss

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This article was published on 2010/04/03