How to Handle Your Boss

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Why does your boss act this way?

Maybe your boss just spoke rudely to you or piled an unreasonably high stack of papers onto your desk to be completed by the end of the day. What are you going to do about it?

Handling your boss is just part and parcel of one's life. The truth is that there will always be someone higher up then you on the food chain and that you will have to answer to him. That person may not always be understanding or forgiving but that's just the way life is!

However, what you can do is to learn ways to interact with your boss that can optimize your career prospects and welfare at work without much effort at all!

6 Steps to handle your boss

1) Don't do anything rash

Acting in an irrational manner does not benefit you in anyway possible. Cursing or shouting at him is not going to do any good. That satisfaction that you gain from that split second of rashness does not justify the suffering that you face when you lose your job. It is not worth a hole in your resume which you will find hard to explain to your future boss. So please do weigh the costs and benefits before rebelling against your boss!

2) Change your attitude towards your boss attitude

Know that you cannot change your boss, but you can change the attitude towards him!Understanding your boss and realising that he has as many or even more problems and stresses that you is the first step in accepting his behaviour. Know that your boss has a job to complete as well and he will be accountable if he fails to do so. Stop seeing him as a monster or a devil but a person under stress! Talk to him in a polite manner but do not "suck up" to him. Your colleagues will be able to tell that you are sucking up and will not appreciate you for doing so.

3) Learn to manage your boss

Understanding your boss, know what makes him happy and what makes him mad. Learn to do your job in the way that your boss would like it. Go the extra mile in completing your work in the way that your boss would be satisfied. You must learn to accept the fact that your boss is paying you to work and hence anything that your boss asks you to do (which is legal) is part of your job. Believe me, I know that it is hard sometimes.

4) Document everything.

Documentation will support you if you ever have to file a complaint. So, start collating references and recommendation letters from clients, colleagues, industry professionals and anyone else that may seem influential at your workplace. Apart from keeping a folder of positive citations to your work, keep detailed records about the interactions with your boss, the work you are doing and any other important documents. Lastly, Channel effort into activities which may allow you to stand out from your peers. These activities and documents will enhance your credibility and help you when the next opportunity arises.

5) Talk to someone

Consult someone like a friend or relative on these issues. Remember to concentrate on finding ways to handle your boss and not on what a jerk you think your boss is. Talking to a neutral party gives you new insights on how things look like on the outside. After all, you may unknowingly be the unreasonable one and not the other way around.

6) Have faith

As you learn how to handle your boss, things will start to change for the better. It may take a few weeks , months or even years. Please do have faith in yourself and things will work out in the end!

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How to Handle Your Boss

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This article was published on 2010/04/03