Best Christmas Gifts for Your Boss

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It's that time of year and the last person on your list to buy a gift for is your boss. Fear is of course the only thing on your mind right now. You don't want to butter him/her up but you still want to make them know that you care. You are in luck because below you will find some helpful advice on picking the right gift for your boss.

How many times does your boss go out to dinner? Do they go out to dinner more often than they eat at home? Then a great gift is any number of restaurant gift cards. The key to finding the right cards is to watch your boss's dinning habits for a week or two. Then buy a card for each of the places they visit. It is better to have choices so buying more than one restaurant gift card is better than only buying one.

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Another food option is meat and cheese. When placed in a gift basket with tons of candles and some candy and maybe even a key chain you will see a huge smile come across your boss's face. You can also combine pretzels and crackers with the meat and cheese to make the basket to look fuller.

What is your boss's favorite hobby? Maybe you have a male boss that enjoys golfing. You can go for something big like a pair of golf clubs or you can go small with a set of really nice golf balls. What if your female boss enjoys a certain perfume? You can always buy them the latest gift set and throw in a nice card.

Small gifts are wonderful also. Consider giving your boss something simple like wine if they are a drinker or even a cook. Consider giving your boss something eco friendly like a reusable coffee cup. You can also invest in something even smaller like a designer pen. However small a pen is, it is still something your boss will use daily. Also consider giving paper, you can find personalized paper stores on the internet. All of these items are low cost and work for both men and women.

Before buying anything for your boss make a list of the things your boss seems to be running out of or something that they tend to use at least once a day. Before you know it you will have a great list of gift ideas that are sure to bring a big smile to your boss's face.

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Best Christmas Gifts for Your Boss

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This article was published on 2010/12/05